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SCS Soft Courier strives to attain competitive advantage and exceeds customer expectations by developing strategies that are based on customer focus value added services and a flourishing team of members who have creative, innovative ideas and knowledge based expertise. We at “SCS” have internet based processing system in internal function. We provide “25-/7 COURIER PERFECTIONISTS”.


To assemble our strength as a team and to develop ourselves as a great team member with the focus of organizational goals and objectives, superior level of cost effective profit and a diversifying working experience where everyone contributes with potentials, and in return the organization polishes the potentials of individuals.


Integrity: Being honest with ourselves and others; honoring our words and commitments.

Responsibility: Being accountable for our words, actions and decisions. Responsible not just for ourselves, but for our colleagues, our customers and for the success of SCS


Dynamic: recognizing, developing and unleashing the potential of every one’s similarities and differences in service of SCS objectives.

Creative: A climate of innovation provides a sense of confidence and a new problem solving approach that encourages people for learning motivation, take initiative and make things happen, generating possibilities free from the constraints of the past.

Vital: A vibrant atmosphere where people friendly, support and have fun whilst achieving new levels of performance.

Nurturing:  Where people are encouraged to be a “Leader” rather than a constant employee.

Contributing: People are contributing for cultivating new opportunities and think out of the box

Rewarding: A place where potential personal are encouraged to give productive results and benefits themselves and organization as well

Mindful: Mindful thought and ideas.


Our team consistent and focused on:

  • Learn to be a leader.
  • Expand knowledge and skills.
  • Become a team player.
  • Ask for more responsibility.
  • Work hard. 
  • Be loyal and committed to organization.
  • Maintain a professional attitude
  • Be resourceful.
  • Keep networking.


Our strength is our team who puts all their energy to make organization productive and fruitful. Strength is not of one person we work as a team and all the department works as a team.


  • Customer support
  • Awareness for the customer
  • Valued Customer
  • Customer Friendly


We are covering local areas as well as international shipments are also covered. Our local business includes logistics, transportation and shipments.


Sindh: Covering major areas.
Punjab: Covering major areas.
Baluchistan: Covering major areas.
KPK: Covering major areas.

Working Globaly: Coverage all areas of MIDDLE EAST, UK, USA, CANADA & ASIA.

Our future plans are to extend our services to the entire Pakistan.


  • Value added services

  • Delivering fast

  •  Affordable cost

  •  Safety preference

  •  Reliablility

  •  Time management

  •  Well organized arrangements of shipments

  •  Committed

  • Dedicated team work














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